Real Estate brokers and agents have been using our products for years and are all extremely satisfied with them. They are economical, high-quality, and are truly easy to use.

It is perfect for homeowners, real estate management companies, and for use in vacation homes as well.

Our lockboxes are numeric with 4 tumblers (number wheels) numbered from 0-9. They come preset at "0-0-0-0", and the combination can be changed easily. They are brand new and ship directly in their original packaging.

Our lockboxes are all metal, and top quality. They provide the highest level of security and reliability on the market. Rust free, with a padded back, your door stays clean and scratch-free no matter how long the lock box remains on it.

Our patented design insures that you will never lose the face plate as with so many other lockboxes, because we have replaced the removable face plate with a hinged door that cannot be removed and misplaced. No more putting the face plate down, only to have to search for it when you want to relock the box!


In the box, you will receive the individually packaged lockbox with operating instructions, including easy to follow reset instructions.


We are not responsible for forgotten passwords. (Sorry!)